Long story short I made an open source project

Long story short I made an open source project

I wanted to do an open source project.

And first of all I need add the license file.

But I need to choose the license first.

Seems GPL2 is perfect. Where I can find the full text of license?

Yeah! Got it! But it in .txt format. I want .md format with nice formatting.

Searching for GPL2 license in MarkDown format.

And I found it on Github! GPLv2-LICENSE.md.

But wait. There is 1 issue above. Probably I need to check out.

Oh, no. The only one issue about GPL licenses and it tells that there is mistakes in license lists.

Hm. And where I can find well formatted license now?

[after many-many time of searching and thinking]

Finally! When I creating a repository on GitHub it allows add license file automaticly!

Wait. But this license in plain text without markdown.

Ok. Who cares about license reading? Lets just write code!


And if you are read this you probably need to see the funny video from Long Story Short series.

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