YARPP Plugin. Technical review

YARPP Plugin. Technical review

Some time ago I wanted do a review YARPP plugin. From the technical side. But after looking at the code I can say that this plugin is typical WordPress plugin with (maybe) already discovered all bad stuff for me. Unpredictable require states and behaviour without ability to change it at least with the settings on the page…

Can I recommend this? I don’t know. It’s ok but hard to customize and not friendly for customizing I suppose. Here is a small shortlist with few things which I would like to highlight.

Added directly to content

Related posts added to content by the_content filter. It’s ok for non developers. But I think that adding non related stuff to an article content inside the content container is not good for a SEO.

add_filter('the_content',        array($this, 'the_content'), 1200);
add_filter('the_content_feed',   array($this, 'the_content_feed'), 600);


New thumbnails sizes. I don’t love additional thumbnail sizes without control 🙂

add_image_size('yarpp-thumbnail', $width, $height, $crop);

The main purpose

I suppose that main purpose for this plugin is lightly add related posts block markup at any place where you want. But this plugin can’t do this! There is no single function which you can call to add this block. You can add related block only with enqueuing scripts and so on.

wp_enqueue_style('yarppRelatedCss', YARPP_URL.'/style/related.css');

CSS on the fly

It generates CSS on the fly. Yes, it doesn’t load the core but why author don’t do just dumping CSS into actually .CSS file? Maybe because working with file system is not for begginers, huh?


Inside the code exists much more things just like this. But I don’t have a lot of time for debugging not friendly code 🙂 +1 plugin which I can create by my own.

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