Global WordPress Translation Day in Moscow

In past weekend I had the opportunity to join Global WordPress Translation Day in Moscow, Russia. It was a great weekend with associates and also an occasion to see the attendees, who have also visited WordCamp Moscow 2016, again.

I’m very happy that Setka (where I’m currently working) allows organizers to use our big and lovely editorial office in downtown for WordPress meetups. It’s pretty unusual to see our office empty 🙂

And I’m also exited to see my co-workers and friends at this weekend days (Hi Katya, Petya and Roma). And discuss some product stuff after WordPress meeting.

During this meeting we tried to translate Maker theme and Members plugin. Setka was so friendly and ordered for us some pizza 🍕.

Dmitriy had a chat session with John in realtime to show us to the world 🌎. You can find us from 12:37 (and me at background :).

Глобальный день перевода WordPress в Москве

One thought on “Global WordPress Translation Day in Moscow

  1. Photos from Russia’s first WordPress Translation Day – Kolya Korobochkin

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