Как выключить автоскачивание картинок в разделе скриншотов плагина

Полезное, для тех, у кого есть плагины на wordpress.org.

If you find your screenshots are downloading when people click on them from your repository page, you’ll need to make a change in how you upload them via SVN. It’s due to how some images are sent with the Content-Type application/octet-stream.

To fix it, run this command:

svn propset svn:mime-type image/png *.png
svn propset svn:mime-type image/jpeg *.jpg

Alternatively, plugin authors can set this in their ~/.subversion/config file:

*.png = svn:mime-type=image/png
*.jpg = svn:mime-type=image/jpeg

That’ll apply to only new files though. Fixing already-committed files will require the command above.

Из документации для разработчиков плагинов.


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